LEXCO KYC Portal and advisory services

We are an AML focused advisory firm, providing a holistic service to our clients to support them in meeting their AML obligations. This is done through the state of the art LEXCO KYC Portal AML compliance software tool and our experienced compliance team.

PEACE-OF-MIND with our Experienced AML Compliance Team and our AML software compliance tool

Experienced AML Compliance Team

Our experienced AML compliance team provides constant support with a range of services including:

  • Support with development of a personalised risk management system including AML manual and customer acceptance policies
  • Outsourcing of the CDD Process
  • Customised in-house AML training
  • Customised periodic independent audits
  • Support with completion of FIAU and MFSA annual compliance reports
  • Compliance officer ‘assist’ services
  • Support with Business Risk Assessment
  • Easily accessible team of experienced advisors


The LEXCO KYC Portal, listed in the 2019 RegTech Top 100 Products Globally, is the first solution that allows sole practitioners and organisations of any size or type to meet all its AML obligations through one software. The benefits of the LEXCO KYC Portal are:

  • ‘Ready to go’ AML customer due diligence system
  • Easily customisable solution
  • Robust, comprehensive, risk assessment system
  • Fully automated real-time risk assessment
  • Fully recorded customer audio and video calls
  • Embedded biometric facial recognition
  • Allows LEXCO to update the system in case of regulatory changes
  • Ongoing daily customer screening for sanctions, enforcements, adverse media and PEP searches

LEXCO one-stop-shop for your AML needs